Tuesday, 28 April 2020


To revive a timber flooring for their originally-laid all-natural beauty is something which people take great pride inside. We're deeply passionate about hardwood flooring and this compels us to approach every task with the utmost esteem.

Additionally, it suggests we get the chance to employ our expert craftsmanship to supply the best-achievable outcomes. This formed the foundation of our strategy with this floor renovating project we finished at a bar.

The wooden flooring was extensively damaged through years of use and heavy foot traffic. We completed a thorough survey which allowed us to supply an accurate quotation for the completion of the works. It's also an opportunity to discuss our advice and recommendations.

All openings and imperfections were closely stuffed and all boards were procured. This formed part of the important preparation alongside protecting all surrounding furniture and skirting boards.

Our industrial strength sanding equipment was subsequently utilized to accomplish a smooth finish. Our clients were particularly pleased to hear that we used using a radical dust free floor sanding system. This was significant as it would virtually eliminate the residual dust generated, reducing the cleanup time following the project has been finished.

The next picture shows the light overall look of the flooring once the old end was stripped off. We've got a vast array of timber finishes which are ecofriendly and comprehensive.

The end has to be tailored to match the individual demands of the space that's being restored. This gives a floor that's both aesthetically pleasing but that's functional and long-lasting.

We firmly think that always striving to supply the very best results and support has helped the pure development of our family-run small business. We ask that you call on 01727 400 115 to ask a FREE no obligation survey.

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